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I'm Heitor Pagliaro, a tenured professor at the Federal University of Goias (UFG), in Brazil, where I'm the Director (elected by the peers) of the PhD Program in Human Rights at UFG. In this role, I oversee approximately 34 faculty members, 240 MA and PhD students, 10 postdocs and the administrative staff.

My research primarily delves into political philosophy, philosophy of law, and the theoretical underpinnings of human rights. Within these domains, I am actively involved in teaching, publishing scholarly works, and supervising postdoctoral, PhD, MA, and undergraduate students. I regularly collaborate with scientific journals, both as a reviewer and as an editor, drawing from my extensive experience in this capacity.

I completed my PhD in Philosophy of Law at the University of Brasilia (Brazil), where I investigated sovereignty in Rousseau as the focal point of my dissertation. Additionally, I earned an MA in Ethics and Political Philosophy from UFG, where my thesis centered on natural law within Rousseau's framework. During my undergraduate studies in Law, also at UFG, I explored the philosophical foundations of human rights

As a licensed attorney in Brazil (OAB/GO 32.571) and Portugal (OA 67768L), I serve as the vice-president of the Human Rights Commission of the Brazilian Bar Association - Goias Chapter, and act as a member of the Goias State Human Rights Council, nominated by the Goias state governor.

Before joining UFG, I held two tenured professor positions in Brazil, one at the University of Mineiros and the other at the University of Goiatuba. Prior to these roles, I served in three temporary faculty positions at public universities in Brazil.

I am Italian-Brazilian, born in 1986 in the south of Brazil, in Rio Grande, with Italian origins from Calabria, and currently residing in Goiania. This website is regularly updated to share my academic work with the public. I speak English, Italian, and Portuguese. Feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in any form of academic collaboration.